Our team of tutors is composed of highly educated graduates from the World’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. They offer unique perspectives gained from their experience of the test preparation and admissions process. They include graduates with Masters in Business Administration, Engineering, Public Administration, Law and Education.

Enrolled students are assigned to professional mentors who provide guidance and a wealth of information on their own inspirational journey.

To learn more about the team, please send an email to or come in person to one of our information sessions held at the Embassy Plaza, 3rd Floor, Nile Room, Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda on Wednesdays from 4 PM


Our team of highly educated tutors provide in-person counselling, test preparation, video lessons, practice tests and admissions counselling to prospective students.
This is provided through a structured intensive 4-week course that includes preparation, instruction, practice tests, mentorship, admissions and financial aid advice.
Every enrolled student is provided with an account and personalised advice to monitor their progress.

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